Favourite Tweeters!

Hey Guys!

So, once again, sorry for a quick post – will start writing properly once the doom and gloom of exam season is over come end of June!

In my intermittent bouts of procrastination, however, I have turned my attention to something actually productive – TWITTER! (And no, not the following Kim Kardashian type of twitter)
(If you’re at all interested, follow me @lottieleif)

My top five archaeological twitter accounts are:

  1. Archaeology Daily @ArchaeologyDN – Provides regular updates and headlines on anthropology, paleontology and fossils
  2. Watching Archaeology – @w_archaeology
  3. Ashmolean Museum – @AshmoleanMuseum – Tweets about events, exhibitions and collections available at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford
  4. Petrie Museum – @PetrieMuseEgypt – Tweets about UCL’s Institute of Archaeology Petrie Museum and it’s specialisation in Egyptology
  5. The Anthropologist – @Anthropologist – Offers great articles relating to the field of biological anthropology and human evolution

For Science and Environment:

  1. Bjorn Lomborg’s twitter – @BjornLomborg – Danish environmentalist with inspiring theories on the environment and strategies on managing global warming, author of The Skeptical Environmentalist and Cool It! The Skeptical Environmentalist’s Guide to Global Warming
  2. Wired Science – @wiredscience – covers all things science!
  3. New Scientist – @newscientist
  4. Biological Science News – @BiolSciNews – covers all things biology related from biodiversity to genetics

Favourite Charities:

  1. Survival International – @Survival – fights for the rights of indigenous tribes and uncontacted tribes under threat
  2. Freedom from Torture (Formerly the Medical Foundation) – @FreedomfromTorture – provides medical and legal assistance as well as therapeutic services to victims of torture in the UK from around the world
  3. Groundwork UK – @groundworkuk – UK Charity aims to expand green living and improve community structure through group work and projects

Happy Tweeting!


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