Why Kale is your new best friend


with thanks to greg.turner via CreativeCommons

This crispy, curly vegetable packs a lot more punch than first meets the eye, not only delicious as crunchy chips but also steamed!

1) It is low calorie and has zero fat but high in fibre meaning you’ll be fuller for longer! It is also packed full of nutrients, vitamins, folate and magnesium

2) It’s higher in iron than BEEF which is essential for good haemoglobin levels and in preventing anaemia for better transport of oxygen in the body

3) It’s packed with vitamin K which can not only protect against various types of cancers but has also been proven to help those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease

4) It’s a prime detox food that is high in fiber and sulphur which are good for keeping your liver healthy

5) It’s high in calcium which is great for preventing osteoporosis and bone health

Sources: MindBodyGreen


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