I got an iPhone! + Apps I dig

Yes folks, it was difficult, it was emotional, but I finally jumped ship from Blackberry to iPhone and I have to say, asides from the querty keyboard, I’m not missing it too much!

Here are a few apps that have been amusing me:

1) Yoga Studio (£1.99)

Snazzy little app that has a wide range of yoga classes from beginner to advanced – also gives audio guidance so you can practice without staring at the screen!
Peps me up for my day mah-usively.

2) Dashlane – Free (for basic)

I have the worst memory ever – stores all my passwords and login details for all my accounts and all you need is a 4-digit pin code for access! Ker-Ching!

3) 7 Minute Workout Challenge (£1.50)

I love hiIT! Classic range of high intensity interval training routines – again like Yoga Studio – provides commentary and timings aloud. Scientific study backs up its effectiveness!

4) Coffitivity (free)

For when I’m studying – provides 3 different types of background noise (morning, lunch time and university style noise?!) which has been scientifically proven to boost concentration and creativity versus studying in silence.

5) Blogilates! (Free)

Big fan of Cassey Ho – this app provides a wide range of Cassey’s workouts as well as recipes! And now has a new and improved social network with profiles!